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Pathisol Clean & Disinfect can kill bacteria 5 x faster than bleach – yet is completely harmless to humans and the environment.

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Kills up to 99.9999% of all tested pathogens

Completely Natural

Derived from natural ingredients, gentle on the environment

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Safe to use around people and animals

How to Use Pathisol Clean & Disinfect

Pathisol All Purpose Cleaner successfully cleans virtually any surface whilst being as gentle on the environment as water. 

Pathisol Disinfect is ideal for the disinfection of all equipment and surfaces and leaves treated surfaces safe for human contact in minutes.

  • Easy to apply and works immediately
  • Use as supplied, no dilution needed -Lifts most types of dirt, both oily or non greasy dirt, be it from soiled chair covers or dirty floors
  • Great at removing stains on walls or paint
  • Can be used in existing applicators/machinery
  • Derived from naturally occurring salt and water with no hazardous chemicals used.
  • Use in live environments
Clean and disinfect

All Purpose Cleaner

Clean and disinfect


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Industry Applications

Pathisol For Schools

Pathisol is safe to use in live environments and is already being used in schools to safeguard children & staff

Pathisol For Care Homes

We have worked closely with care homes across the UK to help protect the most vulnerable

Pathisol For Hospitality

Pathisol can be used for many applications across the hospitality sectors – including in hotels, restaurants and cruise ships.

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