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Mist Machine CM01


Disinfect the air you breathe with our wall- or desk- mounted misting machine. Wall-mounted or free-standing levels of mist control Timer function Low solution notification Adjustable humidity display 2L Capacity tank 3M Cable length WiFi link function (controlled via app) Automatic schedule (controlled via app) Mist Machine CM01 is suitable for use in all environments.



The all-new Misting Machine is unlike anything else on the market. It offers increased features, including a low solution notification and automatic schedule, but also delivers a seriously powerful and effective misting experience. Choose from either a wall-mounted or free standing design and enjoy all-day use of fog-free mist within any environment. Now with improved portability to share that cool rain sensation with more of your friends.

The Mist Machine CM01 provides clean, refreshing misting with a variety of settings. Mount the machine on your wall or place it on your desk and use the automatic schedule feature to keep the air around you healthy. It allows you to press a button to turn on the mist and disinfect your air without disturbing your sleep. It can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, studies and offices. With two different modes of operation, this machine is convenient and quiet. You can choose to either set it on a timer function or program a specific time for the machine to work. The new Machine at Chlorisal is a great way to add humidity, clear the air, and make breathing easier. The special wall- or desk- mounted machine is easy to set up and affordable to use. When attached to a WiFi network, the machine can be easily controlled with an app.

Irritated eyes, scratchy throat, stuffy nose… these are just a few of the symptoms that can result from breathing in office or home air. So why not try our Mist Machines in UK to alleviate them?

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