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Pathisol Pet 50ml


This sanitising 50ml spray bottle is the perfect accessory to take on the go. Use it to sanitise your hands, your pets or their toys and then pop back in your bag or pocket for the next use!

Pathisol Pet can be used to clean your dog’s eyes and ears when sprayed on cotton wool, as an antibacterial spray for any cuts or wounds that your pet might have or even to relieve hay fever and itchy paws! 100% natural & chemical-free.



Directions For Use

Direct to animal: Spray liberally to the infected area and allow to dry. Try to avoid the animal licking the area for 1 minute but it will not harm the animal if they do Apply at least twice daily.

Surfaces: Clean to remove any dirt and spray liberally  to disinfect the area. Allow to dry naturally or wipe after 1 minute. Unlikely to stain fabrics but recommend that you test a small area first. Does not leave a toxic residue. No PPE required to use.

Deodorising: Spray into the air within a confined space to disinfect and deodorise. Not harmful if inhaled or ingested. Also suitable to be sprayed directly onto fabrics, bedding, etc. to destroy lingering odours.

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